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Biafora's Incorporated accused of violating federal fair housing, disabilities acts
     (WASHINGTON, Oct. 01, 2014) -- The U.S. Government has sued Biafora's Incorporated, a property management company based in Morgantown, for violating the Federal Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act at rental properties in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.
     Defendants named in the court filing include Metro Property Management, Falconcrest LLC, Five Star Holdings, LLC, Metro Rentals LLC, Metro Rentals II LLC, RDR Properties LLC, RDR Properties II LLC, The Gables LLC, The Woodland LLC, 3BT LLC and CMC Company LLC. The properties are in Morgantown, Fairmont, Bridgeport and Waynesburg, PA,
     Biafora's Incorporated is accused of discriminating against people with disabilities and failing to design and construct multi-family residential properties to be accessible to people with disabilities, said the court filing. FULL STORY at wboy.com

North Ridgeville landlord to pay $30,000 for alleged discrimination
     (NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio, Oct. 01, 2014) -- North Ridgeville landlord Emil Bagi has agreed to pay $30,000 to resolve claims that he and his management company, Ridgeway Management Ltd., discriminated against blacks, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.
     According to a news release from the justice department, the discrimination allegedly took place at Ridge Plaza Apartments, a 36-unit apartment complex Ridgeway owns and operates on Ridge Plaza Drive near Center Ridge and Avon Belden roads in North Ridgeville.
     The settlement must be approved by the U.S. District Court Northern District of Ohio. FULL STORY at .morningjournal.com

Bank of America is accused of racial discrimination in Cleveland in black, Latino neighborhoods
     (CLEVELAND, Ohio, Oct. 01, 2014) -- Bank of America discriminates against minorities in Cleveland by neglecting foreclosed homes it owns in black and Latino neighborhoods while taking good care of foreclosed homes in white neighborhoods, the National Fair Housing Alliance said Tuesday.
     The NFHA said it's expanding its 2-year-old complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to include Cleveland, Kansas City, New Orleans and Vallejo, Calif.
     In a news conference Tuesday, NFHA said the nation's second-largest bank practices housing discrimination by allowing foreclosed homes in black and Latino neighborhoods to decline while attending to homes in white neighborhoods, in violation of the federal Fair Housing Act.

Cuomo knocks Astorino over HUD settlement fight
     (ALBANY, N.Y., Oct. 01, 2014) -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday criticized Westchester County's refusal to comply with a federal housing settlement, knocking Rob Astorino, the county executive and GOP gubernatorial candidate, for disregarding the federal mandate.
     Astorino has been battling the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development since he took office in 2010 over a 2009 fair housing settlement, contending that the deal takes away land-use decisions from local towns. It's led HUD
     to withhold more than $20 million
     in grants to local governments since 2011.
     Cuomo, who lives in New Castle and headed HUD in the 1990s, said the county should comply with the federal settlement, saying, "I have no reason to disagree with the federal findings." FULL STORY at lohud.com

Louisville’s rental market is thriving, which means evictions are rising, too
     (LOUISVILLE, Ky., Sep. 29, 2014) -- Traditionally, Louisville has not had a renter’s culture. As the city expanded, people here tended to embrace the American dream of home ownership, suburban lawns, tax-deductible mortgage interest and the security of a solid, ever-appreciating asset.
     Then the mortgage crisis that precipitated the recession in 2008-09 changed all that. That ever-appreciating asset depreciated. Foreclosures, bankruptcies, auction sales, tight credit, unemployment, sinking job prospects and dwindling retirement accounts drove many former homeowners to turn to renting.
     And a younger generation, reaching adulthood during the recession, either can’t afford to buy a house, can’t qualify for a mortgage, or isn’t even interested. FULL STORY at insiderlouisville.com

Bellone signs bill with historic amendments to county human rights law
     (HAUPPAUGUE, NY, Sep. 25, 2014) -- County Executive Bellone was joined by human rights advocates for a bill signing to codify the recently approved amendments to Suffolk County’s Human Rights Law. The approved amendments will provide consistency between Suffolk County local law and New York State Human Rights Law and will include a process for administrative hearings in the County on all founded complaints of discrimination. “As we continue to ensure Suffolk County is a welcoming and inclusive area for all, we must ensure that all residents’ human rights are protected,” said County Executive Bellone. “I applaud Presiding Officer Gregory and all of the members of the Suffolk County Legislature for their unanimous approval of the amendments to the Suffolk County Human Rights Law. The approved amendments will put the County on parity with adopted New York State Human Rights Laws and ensure protection for all citizens.” Highlights of the proposed amendments: Military Status-protected category in all sections of the law (housing, employment, public accommodations and credit), Prohibits discrimination against people of disabilities based on their use of a guide dog, hearing dog or service dog. FULL STORY at longisland.com

HUD's Castro: New instruction coming on fair housing
     (WASHINGTON, Sep. 25, 2014) -- Housing Secretary Julián Castro said Thursday local and state governments soon will have better guidance on providing fair housing in their communities.
     Castro, who moved into the Cabinet job in July, spoke at the Asian Asian American Advancing Justice conference, a summit of civil and social justice groups advocating for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.
     He said the fair housing guidance, which should be final in coming months, is part of a recommitment to uphold fair housing, anti-discrimination laws.
     “Local leaders will be able to make better decisions that increase choice for families and connect affordable housing to opportunities like jobs and quality schools,” Castro said of the additional guidance.
     Last year, HUD won favorable decisions in 2,200 cases, bringing relief to more than 9,600 people who had complained of housing discrimination, he said. FULL STORY at nbcnews.com

Civil Rights Exhibit Recalls 1954 Louisville House Bombing, Braden Sedition Trial
     (LOUISVILLE, Ky., Sep. 23, 2014) -- A new exhibit opening this week at the Louisville Free Public Library marks the 60th anniversary of a landmark episode in the civil rights movement that happened in Louisville.
      Anne Braden in 1954 Credit Wikimedia Commons Called “Black Freedom, White Allies and Red Scare: Louisville 1954,” the exhibit is curated by the University of Louisville’s Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research.
     Executive Director Cate Fosl says 1954 was the year that white civil rights activists led by Carl and Anne Braden bought a home on behalf of the Wades, an African American family that had been trying to locate in a neighborhood in what is now the Shively community.
     "The Wades were greeted the night they moved in with a cross burned, the front windows of their home shot out, and there was a steady campaign of harassment that included things large and small," Fosl said. FULL STORY at wfpl.org

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